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Kaolin Hluabany, Czech Republic

Kaolin Hlubany produces raw and refined kaolin as well as ball clay for ceramic applications.

The 2 quarries and refining plants are located in one of Central Europe’s most important kaolin-producing regions about 100 km west of Prague:

• Kaolin is extracted from Podborany I quarry and the ball clay from Tvrsice quarry.
• The main site is located in Hlubany and includes kaolin refining, a laboratory and the head office.
• A second kaolin refining plant is located at Buskovice.

Kaolin Hlubany















Fig. Kaolin mine at Krasny Dvur

The white-firing Hlubany kaolins are characterized by their high plasticity and green strength and are used in the porcelain industry and as a plastic component in white earthenware and stoneware bodies. Moreover, these characteristics also mean that the kaolin is utilised in white- or light-firing tile bodies and in the electroporcelain industry. Special qualities are produced for the sanitaryware industry and for filler applications.


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